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Cane Corso

Magnus is our inspiration for Moving Mountains. He was a stud dog that was dumped in a shelter. Through networking and raising funds. We helped save Magnus from death row.

Unfortunately, we recently  lost Magnus  after he was adopted! We love and miss you Magnus!


Great Pyrenees

Mack made his trip from Lexington, MS to Nashville, TN via MM4M transport and the Jennifer Brown Rescue. 

He was running loose and the owner no longer wanted him. The police threatened to shoot him if a rescue didn't pick him up. 

He is now adopted in with his new family.


Cane Corso

Wyatt needed a new home. He had been a pretty lucky pup and everyone loved him a lot. However, life happens and he needed a new family.

He was taken in by a wonderful couple. We receive updates often and love watching him enjoy his new amazing family.


Cane Corso

We took Bo in to help another rescue. He was a sweet dog that needed a forever home. We got Bo to the vet and up to date on his medical. Luckily, his adopter wasn't far away. Bo now has a full time job and a new family. He works at his dad's shop and takes care of all the protection details. Bo will forever be a part of MM4M.


Cane Corso

Max is was being helped by MM4M. He was saved from a extremely abusive home by a man that couldn't keep him. Max has had a rough life. He deserved the best life possible. His foster family taught him how to love again:) Max has been adopted and is doing awesome!


English Mastiff

This big guy was not taken in by our rescue. Our friends in rescue, Lucky Farms Animal Rescue is helping Rosco. We had the opportunity to return the support Lucky Farms has given us and helped this poor pup get to his foster home in Louisville, KY. He was truly the best road companion and on the road to recovery!


Cane Corso Mix

Abigail was our first full on MM4M rescue. We pulled her from a kill shelter and provided her with a wonderful foster family. They loved her so much, they decided to keep her permanently. She has joined their family and is doing great! 


Mastiff Mix

Bane was found in a stay by the week hotel living in a crate with no food or water. He was emaciated and only weighed 56 pounds. Bane went to an awesome Foster Mom & Dad who taught him to love again and get  him healthy!  Bane was a loved and spoiled boy while in foster:)  We are  happy to say that Bane has been adopted and is happy in his forever home!!f


Mastiff Mix

MMFM received a phone call from Georgia that a family had moved from their home and left a dog in the crate in the driveway.  The dog was too large for the small crate it was left in.  Without food or water! A awesome neighbor fell in love with her and named her Sadie:)  He had asked if he could foster her for us due to limited finances. MMFM brought her on board with us and had her fully vetted.  She is currently living with her loving adopted  dad enjoying the freedom of being able to run in a yard and not confined to a crate!    


Mastiff Max

MMFM received a phone call from a animal shelter that he was a good boy, but his Mom turned him into the shelter for chewing up her Prada shoes. ​ Lucky is a big boy that just needed to learn manners that his Mom had never taught him.  He is approx 18 mo old and has been with his adoptive Mom  learning his basic commands and getting all kinds of love and attention. He goes jogging every day and runs in his fenced in yard! 


Cane Corso

Casha was rescued from a kill shelter by another rescue.  They reac​hed out to us to see if we could bring her on board with MMFM.  Of course we said yes!  This poor girl has been through it all. She was surrenedered with cherry eye. We had a foster for her to go to, but they backed out and Casha went to a temp foster for 3 weeks. Casha did not get along with other dogs so we were unable to send her to the new foster home because they had a dog. Casha went to boarding at the Corso Sanctuary waiting for a foster. While in boarding she had a spleen torsion and had to have emergency removal of her spleen.  Casha became so depressed and broken down in boarding. For her physcial and emotional support a foster did step up for her. Unfortunately, due to the lack of her foster refusing to follow rules and guidelines we were trying to pick her up and bring to our rescue facility that was just opening. The foster gave her to a friend and we we​re worried sick, but GOOD news is, we found our girl and found her a awesome home!!!  Casha is enjoying her days being able to freely run on 35 acres.  She is getting all the love and attention that she so deeply craved! 

Maggie/Dog President of MMFM @ Mayo Ranch

Cane Corso

Maggie is approx almost 2 yrs old and what a beautiful sweetheart! She was surrendered to MMFM from a family member who wanted her to have a better life. Maggie lived in a crate from 8 weeks till about 8 mo. Maggie did not learn how to socialize and just be a dog! Maggie has spent time in a Corso sanctuary to learn how to be a Corso. Maggie is best in a farm like setting and is not a house dog. She is a sweetheart and is happy to run and play, enjoys her swims in the pond,  and doesn't mind being in her kennel! Maggie is  staying with MMFM.   MMFM is more than happy to have  her with us. 

Cindy Lou Roo 

Cane Corso 

We were contacted by our local shelter to rescue Cindy Lou Roo. She was tied to a tree by her owner for 2 yrs. He surrendered her to the shelter because she was too much for him to handle! MMFM went and got her the next business day and what a sweeheart! Cindy stayed with us to be assessed. Cindy is with her awesome Mom & Dad learning to trust again!  We are so happy for her to be in a loving home that will take the time and patience with her! Cindy underwent Service Dog Training and is now her Mom's Service Dog!


Great Dane

Thor was rescued by one of our MMFM family members from a field where he was left to starve. They brought him into their home and had him vetted, provided him with lots of love and attention. Thor is approx 2 yrs old male Great Dane. Such a sweet loving gentle giant! He is good with kids, cats, other dogs. Thor has found his forever home with other dogs to play with!  We are so happy for him!


Corso Mix

Dixie's owners dumped her in a park. She was rescued from the shelter and spent time with MMFM Rescue Ranch to gain her confidence back and know love! Dixie hit the jackpot with her Adopted Family! She is in a loving home being spoiled as she so deserves!


Cane Corso

MMFM was contacted to assist with Jupiter. She has been living on the streets since approx October. A kind wonderful woman was putting out food for her:) Jupiter was sent for assessment and vetting.

Nobody knows what may have happened to her or her experiences while living on the streets, so rightfully so she was cautious of people and it will take time for her to trust again, but we are so happy to say that Jupiter is thriving with her Adopted Family! She is so loved and happy. 



Dozer is approx 2 yrs old DDB Mix. We do not know much about his past. We do know that he loves to play and swim in the pond!

Dozer is a big goofy boy! His Adopted Mom & Dad fell in love with him immediately. Dozer will definitely be the king of his castle. He is the only dog, so he gets to play with his ball, go hiking, and riding around everywhere with his new parents. He has not 1 but a couple dog beds to choose where he wants to sleep. We are so happy for you Big Boy!


Cane Corso

Daisy had a tough life prior to coming to us. She lived in a crate in a bedroom for up to 18 hrs a day :(. That all changed as soon as we found out! We drove to the owners home and picked up Daisy and she went into foster care. She was scared, underweight, did not know even how to be a dog. In foster care, she thrived. Daisy was happy and healthy and ready for her forever home!. Now Daisy is a confident, loving and is overall a happy dog! No more being left alone in a crate for Daisy Girl!


Cane Corso

Stormy was rescued from the shelter. She was found laying in a basement window well to hide from the winter cold.

Dumped out in the cold to search for food and warmth by the people who were supposed to promise to love her forever! Stormy is approx a 1 yr old female Cane Corso.

Stormy's story doesn't end there. When rescued from the shelter she immediately went to foster to help her gain weight, lots of love and get her ready for her forever home. We are happy to say that her foster family has decided to be her forever home!!

Stormy is settling into her home nicely. She is gaining weight, enjoying her life of being in a warm home with lots of love that she so well deserves!


Pit Mix

From the streets of Georgia as a small puppy infested with fleas, hungry and overheated to a loving foster home. In foster, Freya was vetted, trained and was ready for her forever home! Freya was adopted by a man that needed Freya as much as she needed him! Freya hit the jackpot :)



Cane Corso

From the streets of Ohio as a dumped stray to the shelter who named her Giovanni.  When MMFM rescued Giovanni she was underweight, fearful but still had a spirit inside of her.  Giovanni went into foster to adopt to gain her weight, learn how to live back in a household and gain confidence. We are happy to announce that Giovanni who her foster family named "Kila" ADOPTED her and gave her a forever loving home! Kila's adopted family says that she rescued them and not the other way around:)



English Mastiff

We were asked to help a poor dog named Kassie that was at  Animal Control. Her previous owners had stabbed her in the back with a knife. When Kassie came to MMFM she was underweight, a little shy, but despite her previous life, she always had a smile on her face and was such a giant soul.  Kassie is now living out her dream of living with a family!! 


Cane Corso

Princess was dumped at the shelter along with her daughter Cookie by their owner.  We rescued Princess days before euthanization, but that left her daughter Cookie to wait days before being euthanized. We had a foster for only 1 dog, but when we explained the situation the foster said to save both and they would foster.  Soooo, we rescued Princess & Cookie both! 

It is called rescue favorite saying "foster fail".  Now Princess is living out her life not only with a loving family, but with her daughter Cookie! 


Cane Corso

Cookie was dumped at the shelter along with her mother Cookie by their owner.  We rescued Princess days before euthanization, but that left her daughter Cookie to wait days before being euthanized. We had a foster for only 1 dog, but when we explained the situation the foster said to save both and they would foster. 

 Soooo, we rescued Princess & Cookie both! It is called rescue favorite saying "foster "fail" 

 Now Cookie is living out her life not only with a loving family, but with her mother Princess! 



Marley was surrendered to the shelter as a puppy along with her sister. She had bite marks, underfed and just not in overall good condition. We are happy to say that Marley was adopted right away and gained weight, her wounds have healed and so has her memories of her short beginning.  She is thriving in her forever home!


Cane Corso

Formerly known as Quest, his Mommy wanted new beginning, new name. He was   found dumped on the streets and ended up in the Shelter:( He was very underweight at 66 pounds. Moses  has gained weight with his new family and now weighs 91 pounds!! Moses currently living with his Mom and he loves it because she works from home so he has all the attention and love he deserves!  


Cane Corso

Phoenix was rescued from the shelter after being tied outside by his owner. Phoenix is appr a 2-3 yr old Male Cane Corso. He was underweight when he first came to MMFM and was very shy and timid. Phoenix gained weight and his confidence and was ready for his forever home! Phoenix is living his life with his new family and will never know the feeling of not being loved again! Nothing but blue skies for Phoenix going forward!


Cane Corso Mix

Diesel came to MMFM as a owner surrender.  When he came to us he did not know how to be a dog.  Diesel spent a year with us and learned how to be a fun loving playful dog, but there was no interest in him:(  We kept praying for a forever home for him! 

It took his awesome adoptive Mom to apply for him and BOOM, his forever home!  


Cane Corso 

Nala was a owner surrender to the shelter.  When MMFM rescued Nala she went to foster till her forever home could be found. Unfortunately, her foster asked us to take Nale on a temporary basis so they could go on vacation.  Her foster family never came back for her.  Nala did well with us at the rescue, but desperately needed a full time family.  Nala began to become insecure and lose weight:(  We knew the perfect family would come along, but when?  Our prayers were answered!  The perfect family came and met Nala and have brought her into their home and she is thriving!!! We are so happy for her:)  


Mastiff Mix

Rango had been down by humans his whole life. Back and forth between owners and the shelter. When Rango came to MMFM he was a good boy, but did not have the best manners.  How would he?  He was never trained.  With time Rango became trained, follows commands and even has learned some tricks!  Rango is heartworm positive so he is in a Foster To Adopt Home. The first time his new family met him, they loved him and had to have him!  Now Rango is enjoying his days and nights with his human siblings playing outside and cuddles at night with Mom & Dad.  Rango's adoption will be finalized once he tests negative for heartworm.


Cane Corso Mix

Leo  who has been renamed Basil has not always had it easy. His owners who agreed to keep him forever gave up on him and took him to the shelter.  MM4M rescued him and he has found his forever home!  He will never know sadness, being alone again.  Happy Tails Big Boy!


Cane Corse

Lettie (who has been renamed to Nikko) was confiscated from her owner from a field along with 4 other dogs that were living in deplorable conditions. A fellow rescuer asked if we could save her from the shelter. Lettie was very underweight and heartworm positive. Our main concern was for her to find a loving foster home that could focus on helping her gain weight and begin heartworm treatment. She is a sweet girl who is now living in her foster to adopt home learning to trust, love and undergo treatment for heartworm. Please stay tuned for updates!!



Abigail has found her match! She is living out her days and nights with her Mom enjoying car rides, cuddling and going for walks around the pond!


Mastiff Mix

Zira came from another rescue reaching out to help her. She was outside without any food. When the owner was offered food, she said "let her starve". No more hunger or cold for Sweet Zira!  She is in a loving foster to adopt home getting all the love and kindness that she had never knew:)


Cane Corso

Sampson who has been renamed Reaper has not had any stability in his short life. From living tied up outside with no shelter from the weather elements to Animal Control and taken to the shelter.  MM4M rescued him from the shelter at 5 months old. He is now 1 yrs old and full of puppy energy, but is a gentle soul. Reaper is now living in his forever home with a big sister and brother.  He is doing awesome!


Cane Corso

Roaming the streets of Ohio, he found himself in a county shelter. Volunteers transported him to the sanctuary. Every driver fell in love with him along the way. He loves riding in the car and watching out of the windows.

Neptune was fostered in Georgia. The family loved his big goofy personality. He loves all adults and children he meets, but NO cats. While in the foster home, he learned sit and stay. We are happy to say that Neptune is no longer being temp fostered!  He was a foster failure living with his forever family! 


Cane Corso

Maximus was a owner surrender. He was a gentle giant but was too much for his owner so he would be in a closet for most of the day.  He was a good boy, but a puppy in a big body. Due to the trauma of being confined to a closet for up to 18 hours a day we had to make sure that we found a more quiet home form him.  We are happy to say that Max has found his forever family and is living the dream!


Raven, a 1 year old Mastiff Mix, lived outside in filthy conditions. She lived outside with her fur sister and never lived inside a home with love. Raven was rescued from a shelter. She is a gentle girl, very laid back and sweet. We are happy to say that she has found her forever home after being with the rescue for almost a year!


Oradon/Puma who has been renamed Reggie found himself in the shelter after living on the streets. The shelter reached out to us to help him.  He was so broken and scared that he would not come out from under his dog bed.  With time, he has slowly learned to allow human touch, know what love and affection is and how to just be a dog.  We are happy to say that he has found his forever home :) 


Previously Named Blackjack. He was a 8 week old Daniff who was surrendered to the shelter for too much energy.  Kreed has found his forever home with a big sister and big brother to play with.  He is doing amazing!  Lots of play time to burn energy.


Previously Named Odin.  He was a 4 month old English Mastiff pup who needed a forever home.   Bullitt has found his forever home with a fur siblings to play with.  He is doing amazing!  Lots of play time to burn energy.


Waylon who's owner named him Dog was left by his owner when he moved. Waylon had lived on a chain for the 3 years of his life.  The neighbor posted a Craigslist ad to try to help him before Landlord dumped him on side of road.  MM4M said we would take him and a bunch of awesome people got together and saved him. From a chain, to safe and warm till we could find more permanent solution, to temporary foster, to his forever family!  


From living on the streets to her temporary foster who saved her to her forever family. Macy had hiccups along her journey with 2 entropion surgeries, but look at her life now :)  She is living with her Mom & Dad and her fur sister.  


Jackie was rescued within hours of euthanasia. Rescued from shelter. Lived outside and was used for breeding and a broken leg from animal cruelty. Living the dream life  now!! 


Our sweet Omar (previously named Ruger) doing what puppies do best! He is so happy in his forever home 💜


Pepper is living her best life 😍😍



Kingsley (King) (formerly known as Goliath)

Kingsley is living a wonderful life. He is spoiled daily by his mom and dad. He likes to get the zoomies early in the morning and eat late at night. It’s totally his schedule and couldn’t be happier!


It was love at first sight when Titus met his new family. 

He is staying active and living his best life. 🐾


Known as Andy at the ranch, Leo is loving his new family. Especially his new brother, Reggie! He's a little mischievous, but those puppy eyes get him out of trouble every time 😍


Greyson is totally in love with his new family and with his sister, Nikki. 


Major  found his perfect family. He's so spoiled, and so loved!


He was rescued from the shelter and is in a loving home with lots of fur brothers and sisters. 


Christmas came early for our sweet Yumi! She found the perfect home! Unlimited affection💜


 (aka Amos)

After going to EVERY adoption event in 2022, Duncan found his people. He's now in  Pennsylvania living the good life!


Hooch has officially found his forever home. On top of spending all day with the family, he even gets to go to work with mom at Gun Monkey in Crofton!

He is a super happy dog. You should stop by and purchase a gun from him! 🥰🐶

We love you, Hooch!!!!💕


Sarge and his forever family were destined to be together. It's such a sweet story! 

Sarge is incredibly happy!